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Create the impact!

Product specifications:

The Dynabox® stages your selling spot. With its 9 movements of different amplitudes, you can animate up to 40 objects, for a maximum total load of 3kg. The Dynabox® is the key to create the impact and to become famous, for your trademark and your products! 



Technical description:

- Supply: 220-240Vac single-phase - 50Hz - 130W
- 20 comings and goings per minute
- 9 different movements, from 50g to 300g per nylon thread
- Maximum total load: 3 kg
- Dimensions: Length: 527mm x
Width: 325mm x Height: 380mm

The Dynabox® is provided with
1 pulley return rail,
12 hook pulleys, 150m of nylon thread.














How to install the Dynabox How to create movements


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