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Hook pulley
3,95 €

To create more original movements, you can add more hook pulleys to the installation kit provided with the Mini Dynabox® and the Dynabox®.

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Mini Dynabox®
589,00 €

Mini dynabox, système exclusif de mise en mouvement d'objets. Animez vos vitrines facilement et créez l'événement !

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Small ceiling grating for your shop window
28,90 €

The ceiling gratings maximize your installations with the Mini Dynabox® and the Dynabox®. You can hang easily your hook pulleys and move them as you wish.

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Turntable Mains
44,90 €

Ce moteur tournant assure une animation dans votre vitrine et met en avant vos produits.

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Pulley return rail for Mini Dynabox®
13,80 €

The pulley return rail carries the threads to the places you want to animate. An additional pulley return rail is useful if you have several shop-windows to be animated - 1 per shop-window, or obstacles to be by-passed.

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Bobbin of nylon thread of 150m "special for Dynabox"""
15,75 €

It is useful to have a bobbin of nylon thread ahead, for your animated shop-windows. Our threads specially selected are thought to resist for 5 weeks in normal conditions of use.

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Turntable battery
38,90 €

adapted to make some animation in your shop window

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